Sulfur Pools on Actaeon’s Southern Pole

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The port city of Licanth on the Cragg Coast of Athenia


71 | Admiral Bernard Carmichael | James Caan

Bernard Carmichael is an important man, but he hadn’t always been that way. There had been a time when the only weight the name Carmichael pulled was to get you a swift jab in the jaw or worse. Bernard is Vivian’s Father and next to Vivian’s husband the most important man in her world though they haven’t seen or heard from one another for nearly 13 years. For all the Bern knows his daughter has been dead for the last 13 years imagine his surprise when she shows up at his front door!

Bern as he so often is called is a down to earth guy with a big heart. Not exactly the kind you’d imagine working his way up the ranks to Admiral but having come from meager beginnings he’s always strove to make something of himself. Not just in his career but also for his family. Bernard married Vivian’s mother a wealthy, elegant, snobbish and much younger woman he thought he loved. Only to be caught in a loveless marriage. the only good thing to come out of it all was his little Vivy. A complete Daddy’s girl the two spent most of Vivian’s childhood attached to the hip seeking refuge from her mother’s temper and daily piano, dance, French and other tedious ‘lessons’.

In the end it wasn’t Bernard’s fault that Vivian ran away from school at the age of 19 or his fault for that matter that her life has turned out how it has not that she would change a moment of it.

I really want to explore this relationship between a father and his daughter after they’ve spent so much time apart and have changed so much I know Vivian’s a completely different person, so changed from the spoiled selfish little girl she had once been she’s now willing to return to her old home in the Core to spy on the Alliance for the Rebels in the hopes of bringing an end to the war. Of course Bern doesn’t know any of that not just yet anyway.I have a lot of idea and plans for this character and Vivian and I would give you all the cookies in the universe it you would make him!!

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Eastern Dormitories, Temple of Apollo, Hespera

ELITE PIRATES • open faces, ages, etc. • bamfs need only apply

the pegasus needs more crew members! i mean, celeste, joel, and caden could probably run the ship by themselves, but it’s more fun with crew members to boss around, amirite? basically, i’ve envisioned the Peggy as a pirate ship with an elite crew. they are currently neutral with regards to the war, because their captain is, but each individual crew member may have their own loyalties and allegiances. they do work for the resistance, but only if they’re getting paid. or so celeste would have everyone believe. they do, however, do some pro bono work, particularly with regards to helping the unfortunate people and refugees of paradiso. but she would prefer that no one start thinking of them as a red cross ship. 

we have a current job—to extract kate marshall from actaeon—and another cool plot down the line that involves pretending to be an envoy from Calliope, which you can read more about here. currently, we have a captain, first mate/doctor, and weapons/security specialist. i will take up to 9 more characters, with a cap at 12. and while the crew is pretty bamf, they might have one or two novices who are still learning the ropes. just please don’t have them be entirely incompetent because celeste would never hire someone so green. faces, genders, and ages are completely open. 

post here if you want in or have questions!

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This first request is for Mister Vega. He is the Chief Librarian of the National Library of Athenia, which is a position that’s almost as important as the actual King, albeit with a slightly more humble salary. And he is married to Celeste Vega. Sort of. They haven’t seen each other in close to twenty years, but they never got a divorce, so they are technically still married. See, they met as librarians on Athenia and fell in love, etc. The only problem was that Celeste wasn’t really a librarian. She was just pretending to be one. She sort of fell into after escaping from a convent on Hespera and what started as a little lie quickly became a huge out of control whopper of a lie. Impersonating a librarian on Athenia is a big deal, a felony punishable by several years in prison. Needless to say, Mr. Vega felt betrayed when he finally learned the truth and alerted the authorities. Then he regretted his actions and helped her escape and avoid arrest, but the damage was done: she couldn’t go back to her old life, and had to leave both him and their daughter behind.

Fast forward to now: obviously I’m requesting him because they will be meeting again soon. Celeste has some rare, expensive books in her possession and knows that she’ll get the best bang for her buck if she skips the middleman and goes right to Athenia. Only, she’s not expecting to meet (undercover) the Chief Librarian…

Take him, and we’ll take it from there! The face is technically open, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Giancarlo used, so I thought it would be fun to request a not-so-frequently-used face. His personality is very wide open, as well. He can even be a very different person now than from when he and Celeste first met. Twenty years has certainly changed her, so it could have changed him. The only non-negotiable thing, of course, is that he loves his daughter and maybe spoiled her a little because he was always he pushover parent. For more on her, see below!

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Reblogging because we’ve got Mrs. Vega and their daughter! Why not make Mr. Vega and complete this lovely, estranged family?!